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Terms and Conditions

    1. LabOcure is an online aggregator platform of pathological tests and packages.


    2. LabOcure is not an alternative to a hospital in case of an emergency. Patients are advised to consult hospital or other means in case of an emergency.


    3. We will not share customer personal data and medical data with anyone except government when requested.


    4. Discount on voucher code is up to % on MRP mentioned in the Discount Voucher.


    5. LabOcure will not be responsible for the content and quality of the reports issued by the labs.


    6. If you are not satisfied or your Doctor suggests some problem with the report  we can repeat the same test with the same lab within 24 hours. You need to call us withinh 24

        hrs of your report generation to avail this.


    7. Refunds if any will be in the form of wallet points that you can reedem on your next order.


    8. Suggestions and intrepretation of the report by LabOcure is purely based on the data present in the report and based on the information present in the public domain. This

        shall not be considered as professional advice, you should always consult your Doctor for the results of your report.

    9. As a part of day to day promotions, A free telephonic consultation of 5 Min will be provided to the patient, If he undergoes the blood test present in the promotional offers.

        Thereafter, the Patient will be charges @ Rs.50/- per 5 min.


10. The appointment time if requested, would be set as per the convenience of the panel doctors.


11. If patient want to meet the doctor, then Labocure will provide the direct numbers and patient can meet the doctor by paying the Nominal consultation fees set by the Doctor.

The role of labocure will only be fixing the appointment for the first time as part of the free offer.


Please note: The reports issued by Labs is not intended for medico legal purposes. Please confirm the lab findings clinically with your Doctor/Clinician.