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1. How can I use my cashback or wallet points ?
The cashback or wallet points are stored in your online account with labocure and you can redeem them in your next order. Use wallet points during checkout to reedem.
2. How can I get assured about the quality of the reports.
In almost all of the cases we get the tests conducted from NABL certified labs and you can be rest assured about the quality from these labs.
3. What are our sample collection timings ?
We start sample collection from 6 am in the morning till our partner labs accept the samples.
4. Can I get the reports of my family saved in a single account.
Yes, you can create a single master account in labocure and book all orders from there.
Hence all your family reports are saved in a single account.
5. Is fasting mandatory for the tests ?  
Yes, many of the tests require mandatory fasting of 10-12 hrs for the results to be accurate.
However there are many tests which dont require any fasting, please check with our call center executive.