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Thyroid FAQ

An overactive or under active thyroid can put your internal system in a mess. It can affect your body weight, your mood, your energy levels, and much more. Some people confuse thyroid conditions with menopausal symptoms, aging and stress. A recent report published by Time Magazine has revealed that the symptoms related to thyroid disorders are among the top 15 conditions misunderstood by the physicians.

Thyroid produces T3 (triiodthyronine) and T4 (thyroxin). When the thyroid gland does not produce enough of these hormones, the condition is called hypothyroidism. This thyroid disorder is seen more commonly.

There are some Thyroid symptoms commonly reported by people. But many people do not experience anything at all. According to studies, 1 in every 5 person has sub-optimal thyroid function, but aren’t aware of it.

Here are some common thyroid symptoms:


Lack of energy, tiredness or lethargy

If 8 to 9 hours of sleep (on daily basis) is not enough to keep you fresh and attentive through the day and you have to depend on caffeine to keep yourself awake, this may be the symptoms of hypothyroidism.


Diarrhea or Constipation

Lesser heard symptom, but nonetheless important. Thyroid hormones affect bowel movement. If you have regular constipation, your stomach feels heavy and full, hypothyroidism can be the cause. Excessive diarrhea is often experienced by people with hyperthyroidism.


Hair and Skin Changes


Frequent or excessive hair loss is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. Also, if your hair is dry and brittle, and breaks off easily, your thyroid functioning may be impaired. Thinning eye brows, especially on the outer sides is also an indication that your thyroid gland is underperforming.

Skin health is also affected by improper functioning of thyroid. If your skin is always dry and scaly, hypothyroidism cannot be ruled out..

Irregular Periods, Fertility issues and Miscarriages

Irregular menstrual cycle may cause difficulty in conceiving. If you are planning a baby, it is better to ensure that your thyroid gland is functioning properly. Thyroid testing will be helpful in such a situation.

Thyroid malfunctioning is also related to miscarriages. Women who have suffered miscarriage one or more times, thyroid testing is recommended.


Both overactive and underactive thyroid can cause loss of memory and hamper concentration levels. However, hypothyroidism is particularly associated with memory loss. It may start with something small like losing car keys, but with time unclear thinking, memory loss, and poor concentration may become more regular.


Thyroid Testing

Since thyroid conditions are so similar to symptoms of menopause or aging and because some people don’t experience any symptoms at all, testing is the best way to ascertain proper thyroid functioning.

Most commonly TSH test and a T3 and T4 level tests are recommended by physicians but there are many more tests that can offer a clearer picture of thyroid health. Speak to your doctor today for a complete thyroid examination including the following tests:

  1. TSH
  2. Free T3 and Free T4
  3. Anti-TPO
  4. Anti-thyroglobulin
  5. Reverse T3
  6. Total T3
  7. Micronutrient analysis (intracellular)
  8. Basal Body Temperature


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