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Health Benefits of Onion

Onion is a source of energy and acts as a stimulant, increases vigour and vitality, acts as an expectorant and diuretic, slows the heart beat, prevents flatulence and dyspepsia. It is useful in various diseases.



Onion juice mixed with ginger juice and honey act as an expectorant.


Eating raw onion or applying onion juice on the forehead helps in controlling cold.


Onion juice mixed with qinqer juice, black pepper and salt or ground onion with honey helps in controlling asthma and problems of throat, tonsils and lungs.


Intake of raw onion prevents and guards the attack of TB germs and also helps in eradicating TB.

Pain in Ears

2 to 3 drops of lukewarm onion juice cures the pain in ears.


One drop of onion diluted with rose water helps in improving the eyesight and eliminates eye ailments.


Unconsciousness due to hysteria is cured by making the patient smell onion or by rubbing his feet with crushed onion.


  • One cup of onion juice mixed with juice of one lemon, one teaspoon of ginger juice, pinch of salt (table salt or kaala namak) given in four equal doses in a day prevents cholera.
  • One teaspoon of onion juice with little salt given two hourly or one spoon of onion juice mixed with juice of mint leaves given every hour helps in cholera.


Small onion cut into four pieces soaked in vinegar or lemon-juice taken with salt and black pepper twice a day helps in curing jaundice.

Onion juice taken in hot water acts as diuretic.

Stone (Pathari)

Onion juice mixed with sugar (sharbat) helps in breaking the kidney stone.


Applying paste of onion on navel region helps in curing diarrhoea.

Blood from the Nose

Few drops of onion juice put in the nose helps in stopping bleeding from the nose.


  • Onion mixed with turmeric powder and mustard oil, heated on fire into a paste and applied on bowl and abscess, helps in draining out pus.
  • One-fourth cup of onion-juice mixed with one cup of water used for washing the wounds and bowls etc. and applying a dressing of the same acts as a disinfectant and removes itching.


  • In summer eating of raw-onion prevents heat stroke.
  • Applying the onion paste on the feet counteracts the effect of heatstroke.


Onion juice reduces the effect of over-intoxication.

Menstrual Disorders

Onion made into a curry with condiments or onion juice mixed with gur taken regularly helps in curing menstrual disorders.


  • Applying onion-juice onacnes cures the overgrowth (massa).
  • Seeds of onion ground and mixed with milk beautifies the skin by cleansing the spots etc.
  • Rubbing paste of onion with lime helps in removing the small overgrowth of skin.


Applying paste of onion helps in curing the poisonous effect of bite of insects like honey-bee, yellow jacket, scorpion etc.


Rubbing onion juice on the bald area of the head helps in new growth.

Dental Problems

Eating raw-onion prevents bacterial growth in the mouth, stops dental decay, helps in curing dental problems.


One teaspoon of onion juice mixed with milk or honey taken at bed-time induces sleep.


Rubbing of onion juice with oil of sesames cures arthritis.
Besides medicinal properties onion has other uses also.
Keeping of onion piece in the room is helpful to remove the smell of fresh paint in the room.
Keeping one onion in pocket is advised for preventing heatstroke.
Tying of a piece of onion near the light dispels mosquitoes, insects etc. coming in the room.
Keeping white onion prevents snakes from entering the house.