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Dry Eyes

One of the most common problem people face with their eyes in summer is “Dry Eyes” which means the lubrication inside our eyes gets less which leads to Dryness in the eyes. Exposure to frequent hot winds and dehydration in the body increases dryness in the eyes.

How do you identify the problem with you ?

  1. Itching in eyes
  2. Strain in eyes specially during driving at night
  3. Irritation
  4. Long term dryness in eyes lead to blurry vision
  5. Pain and discomfort in the eyes.

So, what can you do about it ?

  1. Drink a lots of water specially during summer, at least 10 glass of water, also add coconut water, curd and other energy drinks.
  2. Wash your eyes with cool water every 2-3 hrs to soothe the eyes
  3. 20 min Pranayam(Yoga) in the morning definitely helps in improving dry eyes.
  4. Avoid exposure to hot winds and if you are driving 2 wheeler, make sure that you wear a helmet to avoid fast moving hot wind exposure to your eyes.
  5. Use lubricating eye drops temporarily to relax the eyes.
  6. Eat omega-3 fatty acids food or alternative supplements .
  7. Do eye exercises to add strength to the muscles around the eyes.
    – Keep your head steady and stretch your eyes as per below directions
    – Look extremely left and then extremely right, repeat at least 10-15 times
    – Look top and then bottom, repeat at least 10-15 times
    – Rotate eyes clock-wise, repeat at least 10-15 times
    – Rotate eyes anti-clockwise,┬árepeat at least 10-15 times


Wish you a healthy eyes.